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    SDK Java Example 'Connection Refused'


      I can successfully retrieve the WSDL in my browser, but the Orion SDK Java Example code seems to be having trouble.

      I updated the Orion NPM host in the SwisClient.java, and InformationService_Service.java files, and am only querying for a list of nodes.

      Is there a configuration that needs updating on the Orion NPM to adjust the WSDL location values to an externally addressable value as opposed to https://localhost:17778/.... ?  Or am I barking up the wrong tree with this one?

      Any assistance would be appreciated, as I'm not familiar with the Orion NPM setup.



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          There shouldn't be any extra steps required to work remotely. You can pull up the wsdl in a browser on the same computer where the java example fails?

          At this point, I'd probably use Wireshark or Fiddler to see what's actually happening when the java example is failing.

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              The issue was with the SolarWinds.InformationService.exe.config file (and all the references to localhost).  WE replaced all the localhost references with the hostname of the box, and those changes showed up in the WSDL location attributes.  Those attributes on the client side need to point to the server (not the local client).


              Unless there is a SSL feature in wireshark, I can only see where the packets are going, and not what's in them... adn packets destined to localhost were certainly unexpected.


              Things are looking good so far.  Tomorrows tests are to use the web cluster certificate (in place of the self signed cert documented in the Orion SDK.pdf), and apply the necessary config changes to have all WSDL location attributes point to the cluster (not an individual server).  Then we'll see if we can remove the disableCertificateValidation().