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    Network Configuration Manager and Performance Manager

      Hi everyone this is my first post!  We received NCM & NPM a few weeks ago so still just getting into these tools.  For the NPM we only have the 100 element licsense for now :(  Questions to the community below:


      1.  How can you tell how many licsenses you have used in NPM?

      2.  I have one server that runs both the NCM & NPM, also KIWI is on there.  There are two NICS with teaming with two different IP's.  When I look at the configuartion I only see one of the IP's on the team, and none on the actual NIC cards.  I was just wondering why it uses two IP's?

      3.  There are 3 syslog servers: NCM, NCM Orion, and KIWI.  I want to just use the NCM Performance Manager because I like the web console better.  So far it seems like you can only have one or the other running, would I be missing out on anythign by just using the syslog for NPM?

      4.  In the NPM web console the NCM is in there but none of the features work, but when you open the NCM web console you can use the features.  Is there some services that need to be enabled to get NCM to work inside of the NPM web console.


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          1. On the NPM Webpage go to Admin > License Details

          2. I'm not understanding this one. Did you configure both NICs with an IP at some point? Why are you using two NICs?

          3. We have NPM & NCM running on the same box and only use the NPM Syslog server. I don't think there is a benefit to use one over the other. I'm not 100% if you can see the NCM syslog within NPM though. Maybe someone else can confirm.

          4. Did you install the NCM Integration pack? That is what integrates the two. If not, you can get it through your Customer Portal > Downloads.

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            #1 - DirtySouth is correct here for NPM

            #2 - Would like to see your answer to DirtySouth's question

            #3 - From a scale stand point no, but the Kiwi Syslog has some additional filtering, archiving, etc. functionality that Orion does not have

            #4 - DirthSouth is correct here as well