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    Adjusting Physical Memory Thresholds

      I would like to adjust the Last value and Short Term Physical Memory thresholds globally for all monitors currently in use.

      Current alerts received show as follows -


      status: Both thresholds, last value and short term, have been exceeded; rtt: 145ms; avail: 114.59 MB; avail: 11.20%; avail-avg: 13.64%

      I would like to adjust the rtt, avail, and avail-avg trigger points.

      I have read several posts in the knowledge base and the closest post to what I need was as follows -

      Yes, you can go to the "Devices" tab the select down arrow on the  "Edit" button then "Mass Edit" then select "monitor properties".
      Here you will be able to make filter rules that will bring up which  monitors you want to edit and replace existing rules with the new rules  you would like.
      Example: All my MEMORY monitors have the word MEMORY in the Display  Name line so for the rule i would - Add monitors where property DIsplay  Name matches regular expression: MEMORY. This would bring up all the  Memory monitors for all devices in my senario and then i could change  the Rules that i want to that apply to those monitors.

      Can someone give me step by step procedure to adjust  the Last value and Short Term Physical Memory thresholds globally please?

      Thanks - Wayne

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          Hello Wayne,

          A. Within the Mass-Edit, use the following:

          SmartGroup Filter Rules:

          1. "Add" Monitors where "property" "Type" (Object Type) Matches regular  expression: "memory".

          Replace Using Change Rules:

          1. Replace "Minimum Threshold" by "Overwrite".  Replace with: "[Desired average value in % free memory]"

          2. Replace "Last Min Threshold" by "Overwrite".  Replace with: "[Desired last value in % free memory]"

          ***The "Minimum Threshold" and "Last Min Threshold" objects are in the "Resource Based" list"***

          B. Click "Preview" to ensure the proper values are being changed.

          C. Click "Next".

          That should be all.

          Let me know if you need further assistance with this.

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