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    Netflow Lic


      hello, i am unable to install a NTA license on my Orion station, after supplying my username and password it says that:

      "you have no license for netflow module 3 for Orion SL500 available"

      and in on the web site i have 2 unregistered licenses

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          Hi Sagigreen--

          I'll mark this for the PM but I suggest you open a support ticket as well.


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            Andy McBride


            The NTA module will not automatically license to you server, you need to take one of the licenses from the portal and apply it to the NTA server. Go to the Customer Portal, log in and then go to the "Need to Reset Your License?" box in the lower left. This area has instructions to downloading and using the License Manager program.

            Make sure the NTA module you have installed matches your Orion NPM license level (250, 500, XLS) as these must match for the NTA module to license.