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    Kiwi Harvester Com Ports

      New to this forum so hope have this in right location.

      Using Kiwi Harvester application with serial device, 32 port Comtrol devicemaster.

      It's ok up to port 16 then config port 17 and above cannot open these ports.Log file on the harvester and shows 'invalid port'.

      Using a test terminal app can open the ports thus I know the device is ok. Also replaced device and get the same.

      Do i need to add anything in the config file to open the higher ports ?



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          Have you looked at this and editing the ini to configure the port here

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              Yes, part of my ini is as follows



              I change the commport number for each service up 16. I have a 32 port device and when I enter 17 I get get invalid port number.Kiwi documetation does say it 'any valid port from 1 to 255'. Device I'm using is a Comtrol Devicemaster RTS 32 port. I've had their support team try it in their lab and they get the same thing. They concluded it's definitly an application issue, if they can get hold of the soure code they may be able to help. Tried contacting Solarwinds but they won't support the application it being Freeware even though they provided it.

              It can be something as easy as adding something in addition to the port # in the INI file. Tried numerous variations to no avail.