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    Add interface by ifIndex


      I have a device that has close to 20,000 interfaces.  I'd like to be  able to add an interface to be monitored by the ifIndex instead of polling the device for all of the interfaces and selecting the interface.  I can get the ifIndex easily from the device.

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          Found how to do this from support...

          Get the NodeID for your device from the Nodes table. 


          Select NodeID From  Nodes where IP_Address = 'YOURIP'

          Use that Node ID to insert into the Interfaces table... Insert the NodeID, Interface Name, ifIndex, and ifType, and ifTypeName.

          INSERT INTO [dbo].[Interfaces]

          ([NodeID], [ObjectSubType], [InterfaceName], [InterfaceIndex], [InterfaceType], [InterfaceTypeName])
                     (306, 'SNMP', 'GigabitEthernet5/1/0.1501733', 21473, 135, 'l2vlan')


          Now get the InterfaceID from the interfaces table that you just intserted.


          select [InterfaceID], [NodeID], [ObjectSubType],[InterfaceName], [InterfaceIndex], [InterfaceType], [InterfaceTypeName] from Interfaces where NodeId = 306

          Then insert these values into the Pollers table.

          insert into Pollers ([PollerType], [NetObject]) values ('Poller_IE', 'I:9758')
          insert into Pollers ([PollerType], [NetObject]) values ('Poller_IT',