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    Good Googli Moogli - Orion 10


      Seriously, Orion 10 still cannot have a recurring schedule to unmanage something IE site shuts down at night and there is still no unpluggable node IE I want stats but no alerts without having to exclude a zillion nodes within many alerts???????????????????????????????????????????????

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          Hi Donald--

          I'll let PM know. Nice title--what does it mean, this googli moogli?


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                Brandon I am glad there is SOME way to do it.  But honestly do you really think that's the best implementation?


                Just because I CAN drive to New York (I am in Louisiana) to get a true New York style cheesecake does not mean it is the best solution for me to do so.


                For someone with 1000+ nodes or more and maybe have 25-50 or more to do this I do not think its the best way.


                Some of us larger organizations have 10's of thousands of dollars invested in the product.  We should not have to paperclip and bandaid solutions we have asked for , for at least the last few years.

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                    So besides the fact this is not on the web and leverages Windows task scheduler, what is wrong with this?  You can manage existing scheduled tasks remotely since the new GUI has authentication like Network Atlas.

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                        For me its a 2 part deal. 

                        The first is that for a company who might have to do this frequently the number of steps and time involved to do 1 node is not feasible.  If I have 30 sites with 10 nodes each this would take forever.   And if these change frequently it becomes a total mess from what I understand.

                        Secondly, and this is a perception deal, this on the surface as a process is ugly as sin.  All I should have to do is click unmanage on a node , select the schedule and click the reocurring check box.  Yes I know that is some serious over simplification but I think this is what people expect to see and would rather have.

                        I think you guys have 2 major audiences, large organizations due to your versatility and mom and pop shops because of your great price point.

                        I think both would think this is an ugly solution and consider it a negative of the product and not a positive.

                        I do not speak for everyone of course this is just my opinion.

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                            I have asked for this too before, and it is very very frustrating that it is not in the product.  I am part of a major MSP and we have customer who have nodes with diferent support hours on different nodes. 

                            I do not want 1000 different alerts that include different nodes that only trigger at certain times as this impacts the server and database

                            I have a brilliant (if i say so myself) that covers most customer scenarios and i just add more and more nodes and they automatically do clever stuff in alerting.  I now just want to be able to configure support windows on devices....(or use schedule recurring maintenance windows)

                             and how do I get MVP  :-)



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                                I have a brilliant (if i say so myself) that covers most customer scenarios and i just add more and more nodes and they automatically do clever stuff in alerting.


                                I would love to see some of the alerting magic you have created if you wouldn't mind sharing!  = )

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                                    i am embarrassed now....  i think it is magic, but you might think it is stone-age LOL....i will try and put a wee guide together on what i have done and see if it is any use to you..  essentially i am able to put priorities to each different type of alert to each different node (i.e. CPU  util on node 1 is priority 1 but on node 3 it is P4 etc... 

                                    All i do is add a node, fill out the custom properties and any alert i am interested in for that node will automatically work...

                                    This means it is good for a system that monitors lots of different customers LANs and servers.

                                    The alert logic looks something like

                                            Alert1A is not empty
                                            cpu_load% is greater than field cpu_critical_threshold



                                    Alert1A is a custom property of type integer and that integer refers to the priority of the node

                                    cpu_critical_threshold is a custom property with the CPU load threshold for that node

                                    if the Alert1A is empty, the that node is not alerted on for CPU utilisation

                                    there is a separate alert and corresponding custom property for each different parameter (cpu, node down, ram, packetloss etc)



                                    all of the interesting information, especially the priority is then populated into the alert text to inform the 24/7 service desk….


                                    Damn it, it seems so simple when I write it down like this…

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                                        Donald, it seems there's some misunderstanding here as I think we're actually all on the same page.  We understand that the Unmanage Utility Brandon referenced is just a first step and there's  room for enhancement.  However, in the 10.0 time frame, we had to make a trade-off between providing you the ultimate scheduled unmanage solution and delivering you Orion 10.0.   I'm hoping you'll agree that eating some cake is better than none at all ;-)

                                        So that said, we'd love to get your ideas on what you'd like to see from us next in this area.   Please send us a PM and we'll set up the call.



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                                            Chris I do agree some form of it is indeed a great step forward I did not mean to gloss over that fact as I did.  We do appreciate you guys listening to us and actually implementing the items we request.

                                            I think the frustration portion comes in where this has been asked for , for some time now and we are just now starting the process so we all know there will be several iterations before it is where we want it.

                                            But again I am happy to see it and look forward to the future revisions!

                                            I will shoot you an email.

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                                              To chime in, I too think that its not the best solution but a needed one, so the solution is like water on a burning hot day... sure an ice cold beer would be nicer but in the meantime this'll do better than nothing!

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                                        I will chime in on this one...

                                        Firstly I would like to say that I am happy to see that this was implemented as something that is possible to do.  I am assuming that this is the first implementation and that going forward we can expect to see improvements like anything else.

                                        We are an MSP with a lot of nodes of different types (Cisco, Linux, Windows, even Air Conditioners) using a lot of the Orion product.  From a large scale enterprise manageability perspective this solution is a bit lacking; though as noted above my expectation is that it will improve over time.

                                        The larger concern I have is the use of the Windows Scheduler.  We are running on Windows Server 2008 and compatibility with the Windows Scheduler seems only about 70%.  With components such as NCM and the Orion Report Scheduler I find that I have to go in and manually edit the jobs in the Windows Scheduler to get them to work.

                                        I personally would like to see either better integration with the current Windows Scheduler or to see SolarWinds to write and use their own scheduler.