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    Can NPM look at certain types of traffic?


      Am considering purchasing NPM.    I know you offer the Application Monitor add-on, but with the primary tool - NPM, can you break out certain types of traffic based on IP port or type by a custom report or monitor you set up?   For example, if you wanted to determine traffic taken between two links by a certain protocol or traffic type?



      j. templeton

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          Orion NPM doesn't really monitor traffic type between nodes.  It's primary function is to give you up/down monitoring, operating statistics monitoring (CPU, memory utilization, interface stats - bps, % utilization, errors, drops, etc.)  It also provides monitoring for Wireless APs, VMWare servers, disk volumes, etc.  If you want to be able to determine traffic types, you'd need to look at the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer module.  It's one of the add on modules for Orion (like Application Monitor). 

          One way to get a feel for what Orion and the additional modules can do is to take a look at their live demo site:


          Once you get a feel for what each module does, you can download Orion and any (or all) of the modules and use them for 30 days. 

          Hope this helps!