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    Poller Settings Revert to Defaults


      Installing the NPM10 RC resets at least the following poller settings to the default values:

      Detailed Statistics Retention   
      Hourly Statistics Retention   
      Daily Statistics Retention        
      Events Retention               
      Syslog Messages Retention        
      Trap Messages Retention        
      Discovery Retention

      Installing RC3 reset these values, as did at least one of the previous RC upgrades. We noticed these settings had been changed after RC2 had been installed.

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          Thanks for letting us know.  We'll look into this and post back any workaround we find.

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            I believe this is caused by usage of old registry settings for values you enumerated. I would like to ask you if you could open a support ticket and send SolarWinds diagnostics through support case. This will help a lot with tracking down the issue. We need to figure out why registry is being used for settings obtaining instead of DB as a primary source.


            Vaclav Sablik,

            SolarWinds Developer

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                I believe I have identified the root cause.


                We have moved retention and polling settings from system manager to web console. Preferred way for storing the settings is database and the difference is that system manager was used to update setting in database and registry also. However, web console is updating only settings in database.

                In case setting is missing in database, NetPerfMon will use registry to get the settings. This can easily happen when customer changed settings in previous versions (9.5.1 and older) and then configured Orion to new DB catalogue.


                The easiest way is to remove settings from registry. Following table is describing which registry key is representing what.

                Settings registry root:

                ·         32bit OS:

                ·         64bit OS:

                Settings table:



                Default Interface Poll Interval

                Interface poll interval

                Default Interface Stat Poll Interval

                Interface statistics poll interval

                Default Node Poll Interval

                Node poll interval

                Default Node Stat Poll Interval

                Node statistics poll interval

                Default Volume Poll Interval

                Volume poll interval

                Default Volume Stat Poll Interval

                Volume statistics poll interval

                Default Rediscovery Interval

                Rediscovery interval for nodes, interfaces and volumes

                Retain Daily

                Summarization of daily statistics interval

                Retain Detail

                Summarization of detailed statistics interval

                Retain Hourly

                Summarization of daily statistics interval

                Retain Events

                Max oldness of events


                None of those settings are needed to be in registry. I would fix the issue by following steps:

                1)      Stop NetPerfMon service

                2)      Remove setting from registry.

                3)      Go to web console and check all settings in the table; set values you would like to have.

                4)      Star NetPerfMon service.

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                    I am having a similar issue getting the Polling Settings to accept the changes when I use the Web Console. I am running version 9.5.0 so I wanted to know if I need to remove these settings you mentioned from the registry to get it to work or was this just for version 9.5.1 and above? Everytime I try and change the polling stats, I apply the changes to all nodes, interfaces etc and it looks like it took but when I go back under Admin/Polling Settings they have reverted back to what I originally had.


                    Polling Statistics Intervals

                    Default Node Statistics Poll Interval  minutes Collect statistics for nodes every configured time interval.
                    Default Interface Statistics Poll Interval  minutes Collect statistics for interfaces every configured time interval.
                    Default Volume Statistics Poll Interval  minutes Collect statistics for volumes every configured time interval.

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                    Given the additional information contained in the follow-up post, do you still want me to open a ticket?