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    Orion NPM 10.0 RC3 Available



      RC3 is now available in the SolarWinds Customer Portal to all Orion NPM customer who have active maintenance.  If you already have RC1 or RC2 you can upgrade directly to RC3.

      Remember, RC's are fully supported by the SolarWinds Support Team!

      Below is a list of the items fixed in RC3.

      • Scheduled Discovery does not update notification
      • Historical - Interface Errors Reports Fail
      • Discovery - error messages when storing or deleting discovery results
      • Custom report not working after upgrade to 10.0
      • EnergyWise energy usage - include actual device power consumption
      • Use  VLAN Indexing in Topology
      • SQL Server filling up during NPM RC upgrade due to large Syslog & Trap tables
      • All Triggered Alerts resource: wrong link on Interface Details page
      • Exception in Service Timer Tick - 91