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    SCP Exam Resources


      Hey All,


      Studying for the SCP ( first attempt tomorrow ) and just thought I would share a little trick I found.


      As you know, there are a ton of great video resources located on the solarwinds websites and youtube. Unfortunately, for those of us spending time in planes, that material located on a website is less than useful at 20,000 feet.


      So, if you go to www.realnetworks.com and download the free realaudio SP player, there's a plug in which will allow you to download any unrestricted video content from just about any source ( youtube included ). As well, there's also a conversion utility that will allow you to convert the flash based youtube videos into h.264 versions that are formated for the iphone.


      I just picked up an iPad a couple of weeks ago, and was able to review almost the entire SCP training videos on the plane home last night.


      If anyone else has got any good resources or tricks, please feel free to share.