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    Virtual-Link issues over Cisco equipment

      I'm having extreme issues coming up with a resolution to my problem. I work as a contractor, as a contractor we have encouraged and assisted in the installation of many SolarWinds application servers. Recently I've begun experiencing a severe issue.

      When using SolarWinds to monitor either a physical interface or sub interface on a Cisco router, which has PPPoE sessions flowing over it, my SolarWinds application servers get beat to death. The server is set to monitor either the interface or sub interface only, but the Solarwinds box picks up all Virtual-Link (PPPoE) sessions that are created over that monitored link. The router is doing nothing but pass traffic and I certainly don’t want the Virtual-Links monitored.

      Yes, I did deselect all the Virtual-Links; however I still receive errors that the monitored link is trying to send SNMP traffic for a virtual-link that isn’t configured within SolarWinds. What does this mean? Lots of errors and for every error reduced RAM. Eventually the server reaches a melting point and shuts off the SQL database to save system function, thus turning off my Solarwinds monitoring services….

      Assistance in reaching a resolution to my issue would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried multiple things, but gotten nothing but a greater headache.