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    Initial Network Scan Issue


      We have just started using IPMon v10.0 in IE8 on Windows & workstation.

      When using the Device Discovery Wizard to Discover Network Resources a dialog box appears that says "The network scan is discovering devices on your network. Waiting...."

      The tab on the IE8 page keeps rapidly alternating between saying "ipMonitor 10.0 - Discover Device Wizard" and "Connecting..." and just keep cycling through the two. The rest of the page doesnt seem to go anywhere.

      I have left it like this for 30-40 mins and it still sits there stuck.

      I have stipulated an IP range for it to search through ( -

      Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

      Thanks - Wayne

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          Hi wneilson,

          It sounds like Internet Explorer is tripping on something, but just to be sure, can you check to see if the "SolarWinds Discovery Service" service is running.  If this service isn't running, ipMonitor will wait a long time for it to discover devices.

          Also, can you perhaps try scanning your network using ipMonitor via Firefox and see if you get the same behavior?

          Let me know,

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