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    Orion NPM Network Atlas

      I am trying to use a master map to monitor our customers. I also want security at the top map, so I can use the same map for the customers, so that they only see their site and equipment.

      I set the remove node that users do not have permission to view. Unfortunately it grays out the other customers at the top map customer view level, but a customer can continue to drill down in another customer view until they actally get to the node view where they get blocked.

      Has anyone found a way to block views at higher levels? on the map view? The correct NPM data is shown only for that customer. Currently we have 5 customers and are adding new customers monthly. It seems kind of repetitive to have to recreate the same map over and over again for new customers, when the Master map contains everything needed. I think it would lead to fewer setup errors.



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          I like your idea of removing "submaps" if the user account has limitations that prevent them from viewing nodes in the submap or any submap further below. The logic and implementation is almost like the Status Rollup Mode option under Web Console Settings.