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    NPM does not work with Cisco PIX 6.x MIB/OID

      We migrated from ProactiveNet to Orion this month.  We found a problem with Orion not able to pull some specific MIB/OID for Cisco PIX 6.x devices.  Other Cisco PIX/ASA running v7 and above have no problem. 

      For PIX 6.x firewall, Orion can only pull system specific info such as CPU, Memory and Interfaces.  It cannot pull other MIB info.  The MIB Browser and MIB Walk from the Engineer Tools is also failed to pull specific MIB info except the default system info.  We need Orion to pull a specific MIB "Concurrent Connection" and it won't.

      The OID is and MIB Name is cfwConnectionStatValue.  This value is the same as doing "show conn count" in the CLI. 

      I had contacted the tech support.  The only suggestion was to upgrade the 6.x software.  We cannot really do the upgrade for production system not until the year end.  The tech support ask me to write here.  Hopefully, someone will have a solution for this issue.