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    IPAM Export Subnets


      Is there a way to export and import subnets with description and custom fields?

      I know I can bulk import subnets however they will be in same description, location, VLAN, scanning, etc...

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          I am also attempting to export entire subnet data, to include custom fields.  Shirley this is doable?




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            You can bulk import subnets, but you can only specify the fields you listed above on a bulk import.  However, once imported, you can add custom fields which will be included in an export in addition to any other fields you have selected.



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                I tried your suggestion and export a subnet.  It dumps the ip addresses with in the subnet but there is no information about the subnet itself.  When I import the same file back, it won't create the subnet and the description, VLAN, location, etc.. information for each subnet are lost during the export and import.

                Yes, you can bulk add subnets with generic information but not import.

                Am I missing something?

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                    I'm having a similar issue.

                    We have a homegrown IP Management application using an MS Access 2003 DB.
                    I have created the same custom fields in Orion IPAM as my Access DB, but when I import a subnet, it gets stuffed into the root folder in Orion.

                    Example, I have the following Hierarchy setup in IPAM:
                    Country, Region, City, Building, Floor, VLAN

                    Importing subnets from my DB, all IP info is dumped into the Country folder.
                    It seems there is no way to import the subnet into it proper folder.
                    Using drag and drop to move each subnet into the correct folder is painfully slow & next to impossible trying to manage 7 subnetted Class B's.

                    When exporting a subnet, I need all the associated info from the folders above it (right up to the root folder).
                    Sometimes I'm only interested in exporting the VLAN info, and not each individual IP in the subnet.
                    Other times I only want to export specific IP's from a subnet and not the whole block.

                    Example, a request comes in for IP addresses for 4 servers.
                    I reserve 12 IP's (2 real and 1 virtual per server).
                    I need to be able to export these 12 IP's along with the associated info which is common to all 12 IPs:
                    (Hint, I don't want to create these custom fields at the IP level, as this info already exists at the subnet level and above)

                    1. Subnet Mask
                    2. Default Gateway
                    3. VLAN #
                    4. Floor
                    5. Building
                    6. City
                    7. Region
                    8. Country

                    Other custom fields based on the IP should also be exported:

                    1. Switchport
                    2. Hostname
                    3. Data Run
                    4. Rack location
                    5. Power circuit
                    6. Server admin
                    7. etc.

                    Then it's a simple matter of exporting this info into the IP request form and sending it off to all groups involved with provisioning these servers.

                    At this point in time, IPAM is not ready to replace my homegrown app.
                    (The homegrown app is strictly static, it does no polling or dynamic updates).

                    Ideally I'd like to see the IPAM tool grow into something like this:
                    WANTED - Inventory/Asset management DB application

                    Art Vandalay, importer/exporter.....

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                        Thanks for the suggestions.  As you've pointed out, the import functionality you're looking for (other than bulk adding subnets) is really limited to files containing all of the IP addresses in the subnet and their corresponding fields; it's not possible to do this today with just a list of subnets.

                        We'd like to implement better subnet importing functionality in a future release; your requirements definitely give me a better idea of how we should do that and what use cases we need to account for.