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    Volume status LED


      I have a need to display the volume status LED icon (or some other icon indicating volume status) on the Volume Details view.  I've dug through the Orion settings/configs, scanned through docs and Thwack with no success.

      I am down to chopping on the VolumeDetailsResource but stuck as StatusLED does not seem to be exposed as a method for SolarWinds.Orion.NPM.Web.Volume.

      Any thought or advice on this?  All I'm trying to do is expose an indicator of whether Orion considers the Volume Up or Down.

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          you can do that with reports...

          you will need to make an advanced SQL report and do something like this:

          Nodes.StatusLED AS Status_Icon, Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID, Volumes.VolumeID AS VolumeID, Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Volumes.VolumeTypeIcon AS VolumeTypeIcon, CASE
          WHEN Volumes.VolumePercentUsed>=90 THEN 'Down.gif'
          WHEN Volumes.VolumePercentUsed>=80 THEN 'Warning.gif'
          ELSE 'Up.gif'
          AS Status


          If you take a look at the CASE... it gives 3 status LEDs to the variable Status.

          If you format this in the report writer as Icon and set "Status" as icon type...


          Hope this works for ya... =)

          works fine for me

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            I am trying to do  the same thing, I want the Volume Status LED displayed in the existing Volume Details Resource.  Any one managed this yet ?