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    NPM 10 Views / Breadcrumbs Feature Request


      After playing around with the views we find we are in need of a few enhancements.

      1 - The ability to restore the default views to the factory defaults right from the web interface.

      2 - Column Sizes based on percentages

      3 - Mobile sized views

      4 - Resource Names that have the Resource Type in the name.  Node and Interface are the two biggest concerns.  Adding things like Top XX Applications to a report could be for the Node or Interface.  It should be descriptive.  Once added to the view, you left guessing which one you picked.

      5 - The Add Resources screen should be sorted alphabetically and / or by type (Charts, Reports, Maps, Details, etc).


      And just a general NPM feature outside of the views enhancements mentioned above.  An enhanced breadcrumbs feature that shows the Home -> Node -> Interface link, but also the network Topology Link - Ex: Home -> Parent Node -> Child Node -> Grandchild Node -> Interface.   We had this in another product and it is incredibly useful.