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    problem reinstalling toolset software after hard drive crash

      I had a hard drive crash and have been trying to put the software back into
      my computer ever since. I do have internet access when I go to start
      >programs >solarwinds engineers toolset>utilities>enter license
      information, it gives me this error message>activation wizard can not
      continue because current user does not have enough privileges to activate a
      license. I dont know what that means as I have adminstrator privileges and have
      never had a problem like this before. I try to use the toolset launcher and the
      message says :The toolset is not licensed for free use. I am really frustrated
      with this. The last 3 times I tried to get the software activated it always said
      that it the license would not work but when I went to the customer portal it
      said it was registered. I know now that it was because each time that you reset
      the license I have to redownload a new software and uninstall the software that
      is currently in the machine. But now I am trying to follow the proceedure and I
      am getting this weird message. Can anyone help with this? It is driving me nuts trying to get the software back on my laptop.