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    After running network sonar all my Cisco 3750's fail list resources from web now


      All my Cisco 3750's have a shortened community string because I've had issue's with long complex comm strings on them in the past.  After running network sonar I am still polling, can poll now, rediscover, etc. through web interface manage nodes... but when I do a list resources it fails and says my good working comm string fails to the device.  This has to be a bug of some kind.  Funny thing is if I rdp to NPM box and run System Manager list resources works perfectly.  Also if I do edit from Manage Nodes in web on these 3750's the snmp fails now and was working before I ran network sonar.

      I seem to remember other people having this kind of issue even with 9.5 versions and having the only way to fix it be delete the node and re-add it.  As everyone knows you lose all your past data when doing this.  As a work around I'm doing list resources from System Manager but I don't feel good about not being able to list resources from the web on nodes with snmp string I know are working... how else could NPM be still collecting stats from my 3750's otherwise?