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    Is SNMP a requirement for NetFlow


      I've be experimenting with the Realtime NetFlow Analyzer. Is it that i HAVE to enable SNMP on the router before I can use the NetFlow Analyzer?



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          If you want to do it right, then the answer is yes.  You do need to enable SNMP on the router/switch/firewall so that it and it's interfaces can be discovered in Orion.  What that does then is it enables Orion to associate the netflow flows that come in to it against the interfaces on the device = you now can see the different traffic on each interfaces (netflow enabled interface).

          There are ways around this if SNMP is not allowed in your network but they are alot of work and up keep.  If you don't have to go that route, I don't recommend it. 

          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems

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            You do not need to have SNMP enabled on the router to utilize NetFlow data exported by the device in NetFlow RealTime.  Orion NetFlow Traffic Analysis, however, does require SNMP access to the device.

            That being said, enabling SNMP communications for NetFlow Realtime will make it easier to determine which interface on the device you are selecting for capture.  If you do not have SNMP connectivity, the interfaces will show up only by number (i.e. "Interface 1") instead of by name (i.e. "FastEthernet 1/0/0").