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    Exception thrown


      I'm getting this message was trying to configure the demo version to monitor Backup Exec 12.5


      identifierType = 0
      identifier = -1
      moduleName = mod.sys.backup.Backup
      message = BUEXECMissedJobsGatherer.gatherMissedJobsData()-> SQLException caught

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          Garrett Gross

          Where exactly are you seeing this message? (In the logs or in the GUI?)

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              the event logs of profiler for the specific backup server I setup

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                  It looks like it's having trouble trying to connect the the MS-SQL instance to collect missed jobs.

                  Are you collecting backup data? If not, a couple questions: 

                  Do you have an agent installed on the Backup Exec server? 

                  Did you select this agent when adding the Backup Exec resource?

                  If you are collecting backup data, did you fill out the MS-SQL information in the monkey wrench to gather missed jobs info?

                  If you didn't fill this out that is why you're seeing this error. If you did fill it out, I would recommend double checking that all the information is correct. 

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                      One other point to make, like ctanner said, it is ONLY for missed jobs, so, you can still be receiving information on backups.

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                          Hi, thanks for the replies, here's a screenshot of what I have setup, it's not picking up anything from the server apart form disk space etc.


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                              A few other things to check: 

                              In the edit icon:

                              Is the active check box selected

                              Is the Licensing check box selected


                              Click the stop light icon: 

                              What does it say next to Backup Module?

                              In many instances the status will indicate when a portion of the configuration is incorrect as well as errors that occur. You can also click the Backup Module to pull up the logs that are being generated from this module for more detail on the error that might be occuring

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                                  Active is checked, Licensing is checked and backup module is showing online. I pulled some logs and saw this error message indicating an access issue I think, is my SQl port correct for BE 12.5 ?


                                  23 Apr 2010 15:25:48 - BUEXECMissedJobsGatherer.gatherMissedJobsData()-> SQLException: Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect
                                  23 Apr 2010 15:25:48 - BUEXECMissedJobsGatherer.gatherMissedJobsData()-> SQLState:     08S01
                                  23 Apr 2010 15:25:48 - BUEXECMissedJobsGatherer.gatherMissedJobsData()-> VendorError:  0
                                  23 Apr 2010 15:25:48 - BUEXECMissedJobsGatherer.gatherMissedJobsData()-> Bad Query:    SELECT JobName, OriginalStartTime, EndTime, MachineName, TotalNumberOfFiles, TotalNumberOfDirectories, FinalErrorDescription FROM JobHistorySummary WHERE FinalJobStatus =9 AND FinalErrorCategory =13 AND EndTime >='04/23/2010 07:20:46 PM' AND EndTime <'04/23/2010 07:25:47 PM'