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    Not Receiving SNMP traps


      Solarwinds ORION NPM is not receiving traps. I have configured the routers for SNMPv3 and when i debug I can see they are sending traps.

      But ORION is not showing. I check ORION SNMP trap service and it is showing as UP.

      But when using configuration wizard, I re-installed the service and at the end it says it failed and should contact support




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          I know I'm sending traps to my Orion server.  Why can't I see them in the Trap Viewer?

          Only one application can watch the port that traps come in on.  So if  another company's trap viewer has control of the port, you will have to  terminate that application. To find the application that controls the traps port, open a DOS window  and type the following command without quotes "netstat -a -o -p UDP".   Your output will look something like this:

          ProtoLocal AddressForeign Address State PID

          Notice that the Process ID (PID) for the snmptrap is 3204 in the above  example.  The PID changes every time a service is restarted so you will  need to run this test each time you want to identify which application  has control of the port. Now that you know what PID you are looking for, open the Windows Task  Manager and open the View pull-down menu.  Put a check mark in the box  for PID (Process Identifier) and click OK.  Now go to the Processes tab  and find the Image Name associated with the PID you are looking for. End  the process for this application. Now open the Windows Services Manager by going to Start->Run and  typing services.msc.  Right click the service called "SolarWinds Trap  Service" and select Stop.  Now stop the "SNMP Trap Service".  Then  restart the SNMP Trap Service followed by the SolarWinds Trap Service.   This will have the SolarWinds Trap Service take control of the snmptrap  port if it is still unused. To test your work, create an alert and add the action "Send an SNMP  Trap".  When you test fire the alert, it will send a trap to the Trap  Viewer that comes with Orion.

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              It doesn't support snmp v3 traps

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                Sneaker's info was great: I used it to repeatedly run the netstat and compare PID info in Task Manager. What I found, though, was on our Windows2008 R2 server, I had to stop the server's SNMP Trap, and then restart the SolarWinds Trap Service, rather than have them both running.. If I run the server's SNMP Trap service, it takes over and SolarWinds NPM does not get to receive any traps. It was not working at all, though, with the normal start-up process:

                SolarWinds Trap Service was Started (automatically), and the server's SNMP Trap was stopped, but i had to get them both started, then stop the server's trap, then restart the SolarWinds Trap service, for SW to grab control of the trap. Before I did all that, I had no netstat process on UDP :162.

                Now, there is a PID value for UDP:162 that matches the Task Manager's Services name of SolarWindsTrapService.


                I did not even try snmpv3 trap.