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    Export Data

      I am interested in using ipMonitor to monitor and alert on web response time.

      I would like to integrate the web page response time data with our existing application user experience monitoring using IBM IT CAM for RTT and Loadrunner.  This does complex user application transactions.  We extract the data and put it into MySQL for reporting.

      Could I extract the http response times and save them in my MySQL database?

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          Hello duanew,

          As ipMonitor is considered an entry-level application, all of its data is written to a proprietary and binary database.  The advantage of this is that the database remains relatively small and fast while containing years worth of statistics.  The disadvantage of this is that the database is not open, therefore the type of integration you are looking for is not possible.

          In order to use an open database which you could query, you would need to go with our higher-end monitoring application; Orion.   This application uses MS SQL Server as an application, which makes the integration possibilities nearly endless.  More on Orion is found here:


          If you have any additional questions regarding any of our products, please don't be shy.


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              Came here for that exact question.  So if we already have IP Monitor, is Orion a replacement for IP Mon, or are they different products?

              If it is a replacement, is there a upgrade discount?
              If it is a different product, are we able to migrate the IP Mon to Orion's MS SQL database?