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    IP Address Management - Sharing database


      Hi All,

      I have setup all our networks in IP Address Management, but if another one of my team logs into the server and opens it, they dont see all the networks I have added.

      Is there anyway that he can see the same management database that I setup?

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          Have you checked out Orion IPAM?  It has web access to anyone can view it.

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              Orion IPAM is quite awesome, if you need several people to have easy access with different access rights to it. I havent used the "IPAM" within the Engineers Toolset but I am happy with IPAM.

              If you dont use Orion NPM and dont have a lot of people accessing IPAM its probably not worth it.

              I wouldnt know why the database you create in the Engineers Toolset would not be available to anybody else, you can probably just copy the database from your profile to the others but you would have to do that everytime you make a change... maybe support can help you find a solution