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    Sonar Requests/Questions


      1)Ability to add wildcard items to the ignored list.  I would like to have the ability to preset some devices/interfaces to ignore.  No need to monitor all my lightweight APs, serial ports on the switches, and VLAN1 for a few examples.  So it would be nice before the discovery to have the ability to automatically ignore those items.

      2)Why does the new banner say "Schedule discovery: 1037 new nodes found"  I would expect after the first scan and it found the existing nodes it would only pop up again if a new node was already found that it had not previously found.  Does that make sense?

      3)I think the ESX option should be unchecked by default.

      4)I have Interfaces that show up in the Event Summary as disappeared.  So when the automated discovery runs and finds an interface that was not there before it thinks it is new.  What causes the interfaces to disappear?  (probably need to open a case on this one).

      5)I have broken up my discoveries by buildings/subnets so I have several.  It would be nice to have a button to would start a discovery for all instead of having to select the radio button and click run now for each.

      6)Any idea on how running these every hour would impact performance on Orion?

      Guess that is it for right now.


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          I would mirror Jeff's responses here, especially #1. I am going to be heavily using the new scheduled discoveries, and would like the ability to omit.

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            I have to also ask about number 2.  I haven't changed my network at all and have an SL500 NPM license... now when I run network discovery it discovers everything over again even though they are already in the database... then when I try to get past adding the topology information discovered to the database it kicks out an error saying my license does cover this many elements.  This is really frustrating because it's double counting all my elements and won't let me get the topology data added to my database so "connect now" will work.  I would have only expected the banner to list the real new nodes found... not all of the ones already in the database.

            So basically it looks like this:

            If you want Network Sonar to work you better buy a license for twice as many elements as you have or it WILL NOT WORK!

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                We have a known bug where the number of nodes reported as newly discovered in the banner is incorrect.  The dev team is working to resolve this one...

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                  Brandon has helped me to get though the running of network sonar  without violating my licensed number of elements.  After running network  sonar during the import process I was able to select a few devices  without all their interfaces and have them then checked against the  database.  At this point Sonar realized the node or nodes were already  in my database and didn't re-add them.  I split up my total devices  already in the NPM database into a couple groups and then loaded them  from the ran discovery profile one group at a time.  This worked so if  you too are running into a similar problem with a too many elements  violating your element limit... take a subset of devices and only select  some of the interfaces to test against the NPM database if they are  already in NPM.

                  This didn't get my topology to show under the Network Topology resource but this could be due to the fact that my network requires cdp NOT be enabled.  I did try running the following query as a work around:

                         INSERT INTO DiscoveryProfileOptions

                  SELECT Distinct(ProfileID), 15 AS OptionID FROM DiscoveryProfileOptions WHERE ProfileID NOT IN (

                  SELECT Distinct(ProfileID) FROM DiscoveryProfileOptions

                  WHERE 15 = OptionID)


                  I will experiment some more today and see if there's anything I've missed.


                  EDIT:  Props to Brandon for being very active in tracking down issues that crop up with v10.

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                      9) Ability to edit more than one discovery at a time.  Initially I set all of my discoveries to run every hour.  I think I've overloaded my server by doing this, so I'm backing off and going try every 6 hours.  It would be nice to be able to select more than one discovery and change the run time on all of them.

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                          One more thing, I think this has been mentioned, but I would like to be able to select the actual time that each discovery runs.  There would be numerous reaons for this that I can think of.

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                              I could be wrong but with #2 it looks like after Network Sonar runs it totals up the discovered elements and then adds this number to the total number of elements already in your database and then checks this total against your license.  The problem is it does this before ever checking to see if they are in the database already ie. a duplicate.  For me at least this immediately caused a license issue.  As you can read in my above post I did find a way around this with Brandon's help by not selecting all the interface or device at the same time.

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                        My .02 from jeff's list...

                        1. Absolutely.  On the screen Device Types to Import, I'd like an ignore button on this screen.  Agree on interface types.

                        2. I see Brandon says this is being worked on.

                        3. Agree

                        4. I have disappeared interfaces.  This is new to 10RC.  Never had these before. 

                        5. I'd rather have the Discovery screen show the date and time of the next discovery.  I don't run all scans normally.

                        6. I set my schedule for 168 hours, but I'd like them to start on different days or at specific times.  We can't set that.

                        New issues:

                        7. I ended up setting the timeout to 240 minutes as discovery was timing out on a /16 subnet before topology was discovered.

                        8. I set hops to 1 in hopes of better topology discovery.  Not sure this helped.