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    NCM menu bar


      I upgraded from NPM 9.5.1 to 10 RC2 and noticed an interesting thing.

      In the web console there was no tab for Network Configuration Manager.

      What did I miss ?

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          Hi, could you create a support ticket for that? I would be also great if you could give to support diagnostics.

          Before that we could try to work it out on line. What version of NCM do you have? Do you have also another modules? Were tabs for these modules created sucessfully?

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              Thanks for the fast reply Tomas!!


              Let's try to fix this online for now.

              NPM 10.0 RC2

              APM 3.5

              IPLSLA 3.0

              NCM 5.5.2 SP-1


              All other tabs were created after the upgrade to 10. 

              An interesting note:  NCM does not show up on the SolarWindsVersionChecker.exe app.

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                  Thanks for info.

                  Anyway I would like to ask you for creating support ticket because there is no reasonable cause of this issue. NCM 5.5.2 is supported in Orion 10 RC2 and there has to be something wrong because it seems Orion doesn't see NCM Integration Module is installed.

                  The diagnostics would be necessary to track it down.