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    Scheduled activity


      I'm trying to setup a scheduled activity to run everyday that will backup my network Cisco devices. I set it up for Device.Backup.Running Config from Activity Wizard and set a time to run (every 10 minutes just to be sure it works) but it doesn't kick off by itself, when I go to the Activities window and click "Run now" the backup(s) takes place. Is there a trick to doing this?

      I was going to try to set it up as a service but couldn't figure out how to do it. We're running Server 2003 SP2.

      Any help is appreciated.


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          Steve Welsh

          Hi John,

          Can you check the following for me please:

          1. The activity is enabled.   In the activity list on the Activity pane, you should see a square box next to each activity.  Please ensure there is a tick mark in this box next to each activity you want to run to schedule (i.e. click in the box to add a tick mark to enable).
          2. The scheduler timer is enabled.  In the activity pane, you should see a 'Start Timer' button.  Click this button to enable the CatTools scheduler.  This will then run all the 'enabled' (ticked) activities based on the schedules you have configured for each of them.

          Hope this helps.