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    Manually Edit Locations or other option?



      We first got Orion when version 9 was released.  Early on we had some devices that didn't support changing the location via SNMP and some that were ICMP only so there was no location.  At that time, we were given the suggestion of creating 2 custom properties, one that was for a manual locaiton and the other that would automatically populate the the SNMP locaiton if the manual location was empty or the manual location if it was defined (we called it EitherLocation.)  We then sorted our nodes by "EitherLocation" and it worked well. 

      We stumbled on a little problem when adding nodes through the web interface as the "EitherLocation" couldn't be manually edited. (I believe it is called a computed column or is the result of a union operation. )  We were given a little work around to remove that as one of the options and it worked great.  We've been using it for quite a while and when we upgraded to later versions of the 9.x code, things broke again.  When we try to unmanage a node we get a nice little error message about there being a computed column or a union operation and it can't be edited.  There wasn't a nice little work around for this as it was part of the compiled code. 

      It has been working ok for a while but as we've started to rely on the system more, we've started to rely on the unmonitor function more and we only have the ability to unmonitor a single node at a time.

      Does any one else have an idea how we can get the same ability without the little bugs?  We rely on it pretty heavily.