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    Orion NPM v10 Release Candidate Available



      For all Orion NPM customers under active maintenance, the Orion NPM 10.0 Release Candidate is available in your customer portal for download.

      Just a couple quick reminders.  The RC is fully supported by the SolarWinds Support Team, so you can call and log cases.

      The RC Forum is public, so read how the RC has been for others and please ask any questions here

      Also, here are the bigger ticket items in this release

      • Scheduled Discovery - the ability to schedule discoveries on a recurring basis
      • Syslog and Traps –
        • Ability to reference Trap variable binding names and value pairs as variables in alert messages (e.g. ${vbName1}, ${vbData1})
        • Ability to configure Trap alerts based on pattern matching on Trap Details
        • Ability to reference Orion node variables in Syslog and Trap alerts
        • Respect Orion NPM unmanaged node status in Syslog and Trap alerts
        • Ability to change the status of an interface in Orion NPM based on Trap message
        • Add option when forwarding a Syslog message to retain the original source IP address
        • Add option to consume original address when passed in a Syslog message.
        • Add option when forwarding a Syslog message to retain (and spoof) the original source IP address.
      • Full VMWare vSphere Support - in order to add support for vSphere 4.0 from VMWare, we can no longer gather the data we need via SNMP so we are updating our integration to gather this via their API
      • Connect Now - the ability to drag one or more nodes on to a map and based on the last discovery topological data, automatically connect those device together on the map
      • Product update notification – an in product notice to alert you to new releases and service packs are available for your Orion products
      • Improved upgrade experience – additional effort to reduce upgrade disruptions
      • Official platform support for Windows 2008 R2
      • Network Atlas performance enhancements