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    Folder Monitor - ipMonitor 10.0


      I'm wondering if I can do the following with ipMonitor 10.0:

      Create a monitor that alerts if a folder has not been updated in a specific amount of time

      So, for example, i'll get an email if no files have been added to a specific folder in the last 6 hours.

      Does anyone know if this is possible?



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          This is exactly what I need too!

          I need to find a way to monitor if a folder has been updated with new files recently etc.

          There must be a way to do this with ipMonitor.

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              I use an external Perl script (vb would work, too, YMMV) that scans my folders based on command line criteria that I specify in the monitor.  I wrote he logic in the script to alert IPMonitor when things are not what I expect.

              For example, if I expect that a new file will be placed into a folder every XX days/hours/minutes, and that the file should contain YYY data, the script handles the logic.  If all is well, there's no error return code and the monitor stays green.  If things aren't what I expect, I return an error and the monitor goes red and pages me.  I don't expect detailed status information from IPMonitor - just an alert that something's up and I need to investigate a specific area more closely.

              I do a lot of external scripting where the logic lives outside of IPMonitor (and Orion, for that matter).  As long as you approach the script's response from a boolean standpoint, you can make pretty much anything work.

              FWIW, I use QA HTTP monitors to do health checks on my web sites, too.  Same concept.  I call a single ASPX/PL/whatever page that does a series of health checks on my server/site/database.  If everything I programmed in checks out, I return just the word "OK".  If anything isn't right, it either times out or returns nothing. 

              I only use IPMonitor to alert me to the existence of problems - I don't rely on it to report exact status.  Once I get paged, the alert tells me where to look for more information.