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    Monitoring EVA4000 & EVA4100


      We have NPM v9.5.1 and would like to monitor our EVA Sans (EVA4000 & EVA4100), can someone tell me if this is possible and how I would go about carrying this out.



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          You can use HP's own System Insight Manager to get stats from EVA's:

          Enclosed as an accessory with all StorageWorks arrays is HP Systems  Insight          Manager (SIM). HP SIM is the foundation for HP's unified  server-storage          strategy -- it is packaged as a no-cost, customer installable  management          application and is derived from the heritage of Compaq Insight  Manager,          HP Toptools, and HP Servicecontrol. HP SIM runs on HP Windows,  Linux,          and HP-UX and provides discovery and identification, fault  management,          security administration, asset reporting, and centralized  configuration          management across heterogeneous servers, storage and  infrastructure. HP          SIM is easily extensible, integrating other HP management  products and          value-add plug-ins such as the ProLiant Essentials, Integrity  Essentials,          and Server Essentials.

          HP SIM relies on industry standards like SMI-S, SNMP, SSH,  WBEM, and          WMI to detect and report heterogeneous device attributes. HP SIM  may also          be configured to launch array specific applications for  configuration,          reporting and replication. For more information on HP Systems  Insight          Manager see:

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              Thanks for your reply ecklerwr1

              We are currently using SIM for some of our servers but we have found it to be clumsy and the custom reporting/alerting is not that good either. We are currently moving to a VMWare environment where we will use Orion to monitor our servers rather than SIM. The functionality, alerting & reporting of Orion is far superior to SIM and we would ideally like to monitor our SAN with Orion, if possible.