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    Bandwidth Capacity Management and planning


      I have over 50 WAN sites that I need to manage.  I am looking for a tool to monitor my LAN\WAN bandwidth, which NTA would probably be able to do.  But, I’m also looking for a tool that would help me do some capacity planning.  (Ex: If I add a software that transfers 150MB every hour over two specific WAN sites, what impact, or how much bandwidth will be left between those two sites)


      Can NetFlow do any capacity planning?  Or, can I use NetFlow for monitor Bandwidth of all my sites, and use another Solarwind software for capacity planning?


      Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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          NTA is for Netflow which is very useful but I don't think its what you are looking for.

          Orion NPM is the tool that we use to monitor our bandwidth capacity.  For each of your sites you should know what their approximate capacity is, then all you need to do is monitor them with NPM to see how much bandwidth is being used.

          Hope this helps.