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    UnDP: Advanced Transform


      We have several UPS'es from APC and Eltek Valere in our network, and I want to unify the display of remaining batterytime to a hh:mm format.

      Our APC UPS'es already report the remaining time in hh:mm, but the Eltek's report as minutes left. So I want to transform from, say 810 minutes to 13:30 (hh:mm), but cannot see that the formula field in UnDP lets me do this, and there are no ready-made functions for it.

      How can this be achieved?

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          Hi Oyvind--

          Try this, where MinutesLeft is the name of the poller:


          Thanks to Andrew Pacetti for this info.



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              Hi Marie


              I've tried using your suggested formula, but I get the error "Unbalanced parenthesis", and ****** if I can find out why.

              If splitting up the formula and testing, these two work on their own:




              However, this does not work:



              I've double-checked the parenthesis, but I can't find where it fails, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful.