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    View Restrictions and Top XX Converstations


      I'm trying to setup a view that has the Top XX Conversations and what I would like it to have the Top XX Conversations only show me the top conversations for the devices that the view is limited to.  Right now whenever I put the limitations on the view the Top XX item throws an error similar to the following...

      Failure retrieving data - refresh your browser (F5) to try again.

      If the problem persists, see C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion\OrionWeb.log for detailed information.

      When I look at the OrionWeb.log it tells me that I don't have permission to a node (i.e. N.213).  When I look up the node it's one I don't want in the view. 

      I was hoping someone might have either done this or may have some ideas to get this working.