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    Are multiple Hot Standby Engines supported?


      We’ve got a 3 site installation with a primary NPM & a couple of extra polling engines at site 1, a polling engine at site 2 & and other polling engine at site 3. There’s a dedicated SQL server at Site 1. Sites 2 & 3 are firewalled from site 1 and devices are polled from either site 1 engines or site 2/3 engines depending upon which side of the firewall they live.

      I want to install a Hot Standby facility, but cannot have polling functions from sites 2 and 3 failing over to a standby in site 1 or vice-versa.

      So I need to install two Hot Standby engine, one each side of the firewall. Is this supported?

      NPM 9.5.1, APM, NCM, NTA, IPSLA