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    Installation process

      I have had my orion server blowup twice so far, so I thought I would ask to verify exactly

      What is the installation process for a One box solution (NPM+NCM+APM+IPSLA+NTA)

      Is it install NCM and configure then install NPM plus modules and config or cofig the module after each install ?


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          Generally, you shouldn't encounter any difficulties if you install in the following order, for your situation:

          1. Orion NPM
          2. Orion NCM
          3. Orion NTA
          4. Orion APM
          5. Orion IP SLA Manager

          Can you provide more information about the nature of your "orion server blowup".

          If you have not already, you may want to go ahead and submit a technical support ticket, so we can get a look at your specific environment and problem.