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    Too many interfaces to list on a voice router!

      Hello all-

      Maybe someone can help me out with this. We're in the process of converting our branch sites to a Cisco VoiP system. In each branch, we're using the same router for both data and voice (mostly 2800 and 3800 routers). This is causing some changes to the subinterfaces, requiring me to re-list my resources so that Orion can get the right interfaces to monitor.

      The problem I have is that when I do a "List Resources". it's pulling every voice channel and peer from every phone in the branch as an interface. In a 75-user site, this is coming out at about 1600 interfaces. On 30 to 40ms latency, this taking me like 20 to 30 minutes just to list the resources. The web interface can't even handle it - it times out trying to pull them all and I have to list them using the system manager software.  I've got about 65 of these left to do and I'm not relishing the thought of spending 30+ hours just to add 2 subinterfaces per site.

      All I really want is the WAN interface and the 2 subinterfaces on the LAN side. Is there any way I can add a specific interface via a command without listing them all? Or (even better) a way to NOT list/pull data on the dial-peers and interfaces from the phones?

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          You might try using the Network Discovery tool.  Far from perfect, but you can let it run, then decide which classes of interfaces you want to import.  Interface discovery has always seemed to be a weak point for Orion, but making a product that discovers what each of us wants, in the way we want it, has to be pretty difficult.  I've wanted to see discovery have an option to only discover interfaces that have a CDP neighbor, or other user definable criteria.