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    Generating random strings from Cat Tools?


      I'm currently testing a Cisco 4400 series Wireless LAN Controller. 


      I want to create a Guest VLAN, where guests can come into our building and connecting to a guest network using a single account with a password that changes every day.


      I've already gotten the Activity written that does the following:

      Logs in to the WLC via SSH

      Deletes the Guest account

      Recreates it using the current time as a password

      Sends the network admin the Password of the Day via Email


      The problem with that is, when I have this thing running at midnight every night, the password will always be the same. It doesn't have to be super complex.


      Is there a way to have Kiwi Cat Tools generate a random string of, say, 6 digits or something, from within a command passed to a network device?

      The line looks like this:

      config netuser add guest %ctTimeHHMM wlan 0 userType guest lifetime 86400 description CLI

      %ctTimeHHMM is where the password should be, I just want to use something other than date/time.  Is there something like a %ctRandomNumber or something like that?