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    ASA5505 stops reporting NetFlow data


      I have an issue right now with my ASA5505s reporting in and then stopping at random times.  I can go for weeks with no issues and then 1/2/3 will stop reporting.  It can be fixed by rebooting the ASA or removing and re-adding all the lines for NetFlow.  I have an open case with Cisco and they keep telling me it is a problem with the collector.  Unfortunately, solarwinds NTA doesn't seem to have any issues with every other NetFlow and sFlow device on my network and doesn't even see the flows from the ASA once it stops.  I am currently running asa822-k8 which should have all the previously mentioned fixes that have been talked about in other posts.

      Does anyone else have any issues with their ASA5505s?

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          I have the same issues with some of mine and its not the model itself,  I have 5505s through 5540s.  It is going to be a code issue in 8.2(2).  TAC can say what they want but I lay my life on the fact its a bug.

          What you might try to do is give 8.3 a shot.  But watch out I think they upped the mem/flash requirements on it.

          Outside of that keep plugging away with TAC.  If your company has some pull you can ask for backbone TAC and get the guys in the US and they will get down to the "hey it is a bug" level much faster.

          ASA netflow is a new feature so I am not at all suprised by its flakiness.