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    Network Sonar Scheduled Discovery Errors


      I'm playing around with scheduled discovery today and so far I'm not having much success. So far I've run the discovery twice and each time it's failed for different reasons. The first time I ran discovery I received the error:


      An error has occurred.
      See discovery log for more details.
      ProfileID has not been set in session


      When I ran the discovery again (without change) it went further for whatever reason but still ultimately failed. This time with the following error.

      An error has occured.
      See discovery log for more details.
      Error state received from discovery: an error has occurred while processing Network Discovery results: Value cannot be null.
      Parameter name: Deleting results by profile 1 failed.


      When searching Thwack all I could find was this thread which wasn't very helpful.

      Re: Network Discovery in NPM 9.5 Problem 'Failed to update network topology'


      I'll open a case and upload my diags but I was hoping someone might have some ideas.