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    New to IPAM - Needs some help


      I'm new to IPAM...just installed it over the weekend.  One of the questions I asked the sales team prior to purchasing was whether or not i can view historical IP Address usages and associate who was using them...the answer was yes.  Currently in our environment all end users are DHCP and we have many follow on security related activities that occur that lead us to trace back IP Addresses from up to a week or so in the past.  Most of our DHCPs are set with a 1 day renew...I dont see in IPAM how this historical IP info is easily accessible?  I was invisioning righ clicking on an IP Address and select "view system name from x days ago" or something like that....but I just dont see anything that will help me out.

      Was I mislead in this functionaity or is this something I need to create a custom report or something?  Thanks for any assistance!