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    Backing up F5 BIGIP UCS archive


      Does anybody know if there is a way to backup the UCS archive on the BIGIP's, I think the current template in CatTools only backs up the config file. You really need the UCS archive to be able to restore devices properly. 

      Many thanks


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          I asked this a couple of years ago and the only answer I could come up with was to make a copy of the config upload but use the "alternate command" option to do a "bigpipe base list" as well,  This way you get two configs - one for the interfaces and so on and the normal one for the pools, vips etc. 

          It isn't as useful as a UCS backup and doesn't include the certificates but it does at least pick up all changes and allow you to spot when another manual UCS backup is a good idea.


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            As there is no command on the F5 to view all configurations and make a complete backup, one of our clients used and provided me the following workaround:


            "The cattools command is now: run cli script kiwibackup


            On the F5 there are two scripts-- one TMSH script to run two commands, the first is to save a single file configuration. The second is to run a bash shell script.


            The bash shell script:

            1. cat the single file configuration

            2. delete the files that were created


            The TMSH script:

            cli script /Common/kiwibackup {

            proc script::run {} {

            tmsh::save sys config file /var/local/scf/backupconfig.scf

            tmsh::run /util bash listbackup.sh




            the bash script listbackup.sh :

            cat /var/local/scf/backupconfig.scf

            rm /var/local/scf/backupconfig.*


            (there are two files created when the run config file is done, therefore the wildcard on the 'rm')"


            Hopefully this helps someone until we add support to backup the UCS Archive.


            Please note that this is provided as-is and is to be used at your own risk.




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