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    Logging a custom number



      Is there a way to log and report a custom logged number from e.g. a HTTP: USER EXPERIENCE Monitor: ?

      I would like to e.g. log number of sessions every 5 minutes and use that in the reporting tool.. For easy comparison with e.g. CPU Utilization..



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          Hi There, 

          Are you currently using the IP-SLA add-on to monitor the HTTP lookings from a network node?  If so you could create a custom view in the portal for that particular host (especially if it was a machine/device acting as a pure probe) and monitor that devices SLA probe, CPU usage, Latency, Memory etc all in one screen/splash-page.

          If you aren't using the IP-SLA addon I would take a look at it because the kinds of probes it can achieve would fit in nicely with your description?