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    Recommendations on a packet capture analyzer software?


      I figured this would be a good group to ask this question.  We use Orion Netflow monitor to gather the general application/endpoint data.  The problem is it doesn't provide in depth analysis when troubleshooting something like poor application performance across a WAN.  Is it network latency?  Is it a poorly written application?  Is it the backend db?  We previously had a software package by Opnet called ACE which could take in packet captures from things like Wireshark and provide you with an in-depth analysis of where the "slowdown" most likely is occurring. 

      My question is if anyone knows of another tool that is cheap and provides the in-depth network analysis that Orion Netflow doesn't.  Opnet ACE was a pretty expensive tool to keep around and we don't require this in-depth analysis too often...but when we do we all know that the network is the first area to blame.

      Thanks in advance for any advice!