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    Brocade Switch MIB

      Hi all,

        I would like to get a bit more information from NPM as it relates to our Brocade switches.  We have two Brocade core switches that I would like to get cpu and memory iformation from. Would that require a custom MIB?  If so, how do I create one?



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          It appears the system OID is this

          You probably won't find anything for the CPU and MEMORY (but if you ever do let me know - I've looked around a lot but no luck).

          However there is a MIB named FCMGMT-MIB which should give you a lot to work with - but you'll have to use the Orion Universal Device Poller (UnDP).

          There are many OIDs inside this MIB - things like fiber ports, sensors for fan and power supply. And it offers a lot of good SNMP TRAPS.