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    Questions about migrating Orion to a new server



      I'm planning to move my current Orion install from a Windows 2008, 64-bit server to Windows 2008 R2.  I have read the Orion NPM Migration document, but it does not really say anything about the other modules.  We currently have NPM v10, APM v3.1, IPM v1.6 and NCM v5.6 installed.    So, on the new server, should I install NPM, then all the other modules and patches and then run the configuration wizard?  The DB is not moving, it is on a separate SQL 2008 Enterprise server.

      I also noticed in License Manager, the NPM license still shows up as Orion Network Performance Monitor v9, even though we have already installed v10.  Will I have any issues parking this license and them applying it to the new server?