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    MAP Help Needed


      OK, Network Map is my main map, has all my critical machines etc. I want to create a different network map for one user. I go the seperate view setup for the user but I can't quite figure out how to create a new seperate Network Map for the user. My real map name in atlas is Routers Map for NETWORK MAP, I want to create a new map for this user and when he sees network map on the home page it'll have his version of network map to be selected. I've tried a couple of things, list of maps (works ok but not exactly what I want), etc but essentiall I want to customize the view this person gets so the Network Map is his and he'll be able to edit the map with out affecting the main Network Map I use for everyone else.

      Hope this is understandable. Thanks very much

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          You will do this by creating different views.

          Go to admin> manage views.

          Normally the front page is a summary view unless you have changed it. Create a new view or copy an existing. Assign this new view to the user as there default summary view. Edit the resource within the new view to use the new map that you have created.