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    Interface(s) Availability Report needed ASAP


      Needing assistance on creating a Interface Availability Report for the following specific interfaces on Nodes ONLY:

      Report would include NodeName, InterfaceName, Availability in %, Downtime Duration in min. for the previous month, but specific for ONLY the following Nodes & Interfaces,,,


      NodeName:     InterfaceName:     Availability (%):     Downtime Duration (min):

      DFW11gw             Fe4                        98.999%                14 min.

      DFW11sw             Fe0/24                   98.997%                14 min.

      WANGW1              Fe0/1.2453 (this one is a sub interface)            97.999%                21 min.

      WANGW1              Ge0/1                     97.999%                 21 min.


      Thanks in advance for your help,,,