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    Map condition


      Please, help me with this issue:

      I have a map in this condition: (green condition):

      Inside this map I have 1 network device (second map):

      This is the second map condition:


      My question:

      Why the first map doesnt show a red led ?

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          There is an option in ADMIN>Web Console Settings that allows 2 choices: Mixed Status or Worst Case. Worst Case would show red, while Mixed Status will only show warning if a daughter components is down.

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              The reason this is happening is because the red dot indicates child status.  propagation up, by default (as lag wrote) is objects on the map.  Thus, if you wanted the individual interfaces status to be sent up, you would either change settings via lag's suggestion or you could map the individual interfaces as objects on a submap.  It really depends on how you want your environment set up.  see this thread for examples of second option...

              Network Atlas - Questions

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                Status rollup mode is set with worst case, but my map is green:

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                You have another option here as well.  If you check the properties of the first map in Network Atlas, in the status section there is a check box labeled "Include child status."  If you check that box, your first map would warning, down or unknown, but would have a smaller, red square indicating a child object is down.  You can also set that setting by highlighting the map object and clicking the Show child status button on the Home tab in the Status & Links section.